Halloween Games: Imscared

Imscared’s aesthetic is exceptionally sinister.  The light that allows the player to see struggles to extend beyond one meter in front of you, as if the air is dense with a foul and cruel maleficence.  You are never sure where the exit to the room might be, carefully treading in either direction in case whatever lurks slowing manifests into view.  You will be taunted, playfully and cruelly, by a being that possibly doesn’t understand it’s own existence.  You will, unwillingly, help to realise and indulge this being in its own terrifying reality.

The basic style and colour scheme of Imscared tell me that the designer wants the player to understand that he chose to spend more time working on something else entirely within this game, creating an overbearing sense of presence of someone or something else that is waiting for you.  You feel compelled to explore the location, one that does not make much sense in its overall presentation and gives no explicit clues or information to the player about the purpose of these halls.  Cupboards with a generic ‘wood’ material do not tell you anything about the age or style of the cupboard or furnishings, bookshelves filled to the brim with books of no title, chairs that have no clear marks of ever being sat on, moved, or adjusted.  Everything in this game is so unassuming, they refuse to communicate anything of this place to you.  The repetition of furnishings in this environment says so little and yet says so much about what the designer wanted to set up for the player – madness, sheer madness.

Overall, the game is considerably short but you definitely need to play it several times to garner the most intrigue from it.  But I won’t need to tell you that, I guarantee you will be seduced into playing this game many times over..

Download Imscared from here: http://gamejolt.com/games/other/imscared-a-pixelated-nightmare/10058/


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